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The 106th Gray Cup introduced by Shaw is planned for Nov. 25 at 6 p.m. ET.On Saturday, the CFL affirmed that Canadian exceptional artist musician Alessia Cara will feature the Freedom Mobile Halftime Show at the 2018 Gray Cup in Edmonton.

Cara, 22, discharged her presentation collection, Know-It-All, in 2015. She has made the Canadian and U.S. Announcement outlines a few times now and is a four-time Grammy chosen one. In 2018 the Brampton, Ont., local won her first honor — a Grammy biggie — for Best New Artist.She sat down with ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante to share her energy about the Gray Cup execution and why she’s a little nervous.Cara said the bar was set high in 2017 by Canadian blue grass music symbol Shania Twain, who pulled in excess of 4.3 million watchers for her Gray Cup halftime execution.Whenever inquired as to whether Twain offered her any Gray Cup guidance when they met at the CCMAs, she stated, “No. I ought to have inquired. We talked for like two seconds and took an image. At that point she needed to leave and return in front of an audience once more, so I didn’t get the opportunity to converse with her. Be that as it may, perhaps on the off chance that I can locate her online I’ll ask her.”

The performer wasn’t hesitant to concede she was anxious.”It’s so cool, yet it’s exceptionally scary to realize that a large number of individuals will be watching you live. Ideally, everything will go well.”As of this composition, the current CFL standings demonstrate the Ottawa Redblacks at the highest point of the East Division, and the Calgary Stampeders overwhelming the West. It’s too soon to state who will clash in the 2018 Gray Cup, yet Alessia Cara will be there for a touchy execution.

With a 12-4 record and in addition to 150 point differential, the Stamps are the CFL’s best positioned group with about fourteen days left in the season, abandoning them on the very edge of facilitating a third straight Western Final.Be that as it may, in spite of an overwhelming initial three months of the season, a sad remnant of uncertainty has been thrown. Wounds wrecked their getting corps, while consecutive misfortunes — both at McMahon Stadium — have many addressing whether the Stamps are a similar powerhouse they used to be.

In the course of the last three diversions, Bo Levi Mitchell has arrived at the midpoint of only 211.7 passing yards for every trip, tossing more captures (5) than touchdowns (4). In the interim, a weekend ago, the Stamps were out-increased 469 yards to 274 out of a misfortune to the meeting Roughriders.

As the playoffs approach, is there cause for worry in Cowtown? The journalists say something with the most recent from The Weekly Say:Marshall Ferguson: Yes. Two weeks does not a season make, but rather another home misfortune would leave every one of us scratching our heads.

Matthew Cauz: Yes. I will take their hierarchical quality over the way that they presumably lost two more recipients as I compose this. Presently once they get to the Gray Cup I have no confidence in them crushing a scarcely more than .500 East Division group.

Chris O’Leary: No. Who is? I couldn’t let you know. The establishment of the world as I’ve known it for the last five-ish years is on the six-amusement harmed rundown and I feel like pretty much anybody could win the Gray Cup this year.

Wear Landry: No. They are currently only among various groups that have a decent opportunity to win it. Wounds have taken them back to the pack a bit, and the pack was making strides in any case.

Jamie Nye: NO! The appropriate response is currently nobody is the ‘top choice’. On the off chance that you let me know toward the beginning of the post-season that (clear) group will win the Gray Cup, I won’t be amazed in the event that it works out. Every one of the six groups will have the capacity to arrive and win. They all have the ability to complete it. A few groups are more blazing than others right currently obviously, however who knows who bursts into flames in November? It might simply be the Stampeders once more.

Jim Morris: No, I don’t think so. Losing consecutive amusements at home and the wounds the group has endured has harmed their odds. I’m not saying they can’t win the Gray Cup this year, yet things have become considerably harder for them.Morris: Yes. Despite everything they have a first class beneficiary like Luke Tasker and a veteran holding up in the wings in Marquay McDaniel. They additionally have the alliance’s second best surging assault.

Landry: Yes they can. It will take somebody in that getting corps venturing up to end up a deadly risk close by Luke Tasker, a solid running amusement, and a forceful protection. Be that as it may, they would require those last two in any case, so a stage up fellow in the corps is pivotal.

Ferguson: It will be intense yet yes. Need more from each other feature and Terrell Sinkfield to get the subtlety of the Ticats’ offense ASAP.

O’Leary: When I said just in regards to anybody could win, I wasn’t thinking about the Ticats. They were at that point harming (play on words not expected) at beneficiary, missing Jalen Saunders, Chris Williams and Terrence Toliver. Their offense endured when Speedy was out a couple of amusements managing crotch damage. On the off chance that they have the Eastern Semi, they’ll have an intense, extreme West Division adversary. It doesn’t look great.

Nye: I’m extremely inquisitive to perceive how Jeremiah Masoli plays without Banks and who he can incline toward, or if the Tiger-Cats lean more on their backfield to make history the ball moving. The marking of Terrell Sinkfield Jr. looks greater, however to what extent it takes for him to get into the offense will be crucial. Luke Tasker will be much busier it would show up with the wounds heaping up on the Tabbies. The Tiger-Cats are extensively frustrated by losing their speedster. Be that as it may, would they be able to win? Obviously they can, I’m simply not picking them to.

Cauz: Probably not. Banks is a main five player this year and after Tasker the ability level takes a plunge. That misfortune to Ottawa was a major punch in the gut.Nye: I will state it’s the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for three reasons. They’ve played best against the East, including 3-1 on their eastern excursion. On the off chance that they make the playoffs, they’ll be 5-1 or 6-0 in their last third of the season. Lastly, travel. The Bombers’ treks east are far shorter than Edmonton’s and particularly BC’s. The Lions or Eskimos may choose to remain out East between diversions like the Riders did a year ago, however on the off chance that not, the Bombers won’t have such protracted travel forward and backward between amusements.

Ferguson: Winnipeg.. They’re so HOT at the present time.

Cauz: Normally I’d go Edmonton however Winnipeg’s play in the course of recent months has been damn amazing. See Bombers fans, I can say pleasant things in regards to your group.

Landry: Winnipeg. Edmonton’s diversion vacillates nowadays, and BC has not been what you’d call a solid street group, regardless of a week ago’s win in Calgary. The Bombers don’t have far to venture out on the off chance that it comes to it, only a one hour time distinction from the East, and they have three stages clicking at this moment.

O’Leary: BC or Winnipeg. They’ve drifted upward in the second 50% of the season (BC is 6-1 and Winnipeg is 4-2) while Edmonton (2-5) hasn’t. The way things are correct now I like their odds in the East if both of them get the hybrid.

Morris: I say the Lions. They are the most blazing group in the association at this moment and really trust they can win the Gray Cup. There is the additional inspiration of this being Wally Buono’s last year.